UNcleProt is the Universal Nuclear Protein database of barley that provides information/results based on proteomic data obtained from barley nuclei purified by flow cytometry sorting at different phases of cell cycle (G1, S, G2).
Flow cytometry coupled with protein/peptide separation and mass spectrometry provides comprehensive characterization of the barley nuclear proteome (for more information about methodology please see Petrovská et al., 2014).
This website gives an access to the peptides and proteins found with different information extracted from Mascot, as well as a BLAST search engine.

This research was supported by funding from Czech Science Foundation (14-28443S).

Venn diagram of the number of identified proteins

G1 G2 S 768 284 109 92 420 182 574

Total identified proteins: 2429

Total detected peptides: 34675

Petrovská B, Jeřábková H, Chamrád I, Vrána H, Lenobel R, Uřinovská J, Šebela M, Doležel J. 2014. Proteomic analysis of barley cell nuclei purified by flow sorting. Cytogenetic and Genome Research 143, 78–86.

Blavet N, Uřinovská J, Jeřábková H, Chamrád I, Vrána H, Lenobel R, Beinhauer J, Šebela M, Doležel J, Petrovská B. 2016. UNcleProt (Universal Nuclear Protein database of barley): the first nuclear protein database that distinguishes proteins from different phases of the cell cycle. Nucleus.